• Career

  • We are looking for the most talented, passionate, driven and energetic individuals to join our sales team (SELLERATOR) family and accelerate our growth while helping us build a great company that serves everyone’s best interest across board.

    Consider this analogy, are you digging a hole right now that’s getting you nowhere and when you don’t know what else to engaged in, you’re told to dig faster and dipper, faster and dipper? If that’s you and the organization you are part off, in any kind of a metaphor equate. These questions are asked; first of all, should you be digging a hole? Second of all, should you be digging the hole there? Why are you digging the hole? Should you be the one digging the hole and not someone else? Should you be digging with the tool you’re using or with a more powerful tool to breed fast effects?

    This holds true to most organizations out there and they take their sales team on this meaningless voyage (That’s a hard TRUHT we bet). The reality is most of these organizations are stocked, play acting in the marketplace with your time, efforts, passion, etc. and the sad part is both parties are totally oblivious of the sad mess which they’re in.

    BlackloopClub is poised to leverage up your sales effort and passion with an infinitely upside and no lows or dull return on your investment at all. We’re highly addictive to working in our SELLERATOR’s best interest at every turn, with no limitations in our creativity to perk-up your wallet and enrich your experiences.

  • The Brand

  • BlackloopClub is reinventing the way consumers of color learn about, purchase and enjoy their choice global brands and continental brands.

    We’re industries transient, borrowing essences in other to drive, collaborate, innovate and grasp on complexity. This we do through framing difficult concepts quickly, synthesizing data in a way that drives new insight, generate real-time solutions and building teams that can generate future scenarios different from the world they see today. To ultimately serve our clients in the way that matters most to them.

    This commitment extends far beyond the Blackloop warehouse brand, which is why we integrated Blackloop Services Center — to support all of our clients’ needs. From prescription drugs to Auto-Services/Gas Stations to payment processing and ever expanding pie of services.

  • What We Expect from SELLERATORS

    • Understand the strategic marketing objectives of the brand, consistent with the brand’s short-term and long-term goals
    • Drive and innovative marketing campaigns across brand, retail and services centers
    • Follow all initiatives to propel brand awareness, engage clients, and drive sales to activate new members
    • Lead and inspire self in sales closing, brief process for all programs, while collaborating closely with the sales and creative teams of BlackloopClub
    • Develop and manage self-marketing budget
    • Participate in all live web sales coaching

  • What SELLERATORS Should Expect from BlackloopClub

    • Consultative Sales trainings
    • Technical Assistants
    • Massive brand awareness campaigns
    • Rewards/Performance perks

  • Become a SELLERATOR!

  • BlackloopClub means SMARTER, FASTER, SAFER, HAPPIER…

    Venture Capitalist and Angel Investors.